Orleans Borbon Manzanilla Fina.  <span style="color: #ff2a00;">Only Available for Delivery in NYC area!</span>

Orleans Borbon Manzanilla Fina. Only Available for Delivery in NYC area!

  • $16.00

Orleans Borbon Manzanilla Fina has strong and focused aromas of rancid and nuttiness, with an excellent depth; medium bodied, and persistent on the palate.

It has a dry, fine acidity, well balanced with a rancid, salty and briny flavors. Closes medium, crisp aftertaste.

Grapes Variety:  100% Palomino 

Designation of origin: Andalucia, Spain.

Recommended: Pair Fried Food, shellfish, oysters, cured meats, olives, almonds, and sharp cheeses. 

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