Fermín Lomo Ibérico de Bellota Pre-Sliced

Fermín Lomo Ibérico de Bellota Pre-Sliced


  • $13.50

Size: 2 oz

Iberico Acorn Fed Dry Cured Pork Loin. Made from a special breed of pig indigenous to Spain, Fermín rubs the pork loin with salt, wild mountain oregano, and paprika and allows it to cure in the pure mountain air. The pigs that make this “bellota” loin are the luckiest of all – they are bred and raised in Spain, where they graze freely and happily on their favorite food: acorns. The marbling and juiciness is due to the special diet and exercise regimen.

Fermín was the first company to bring the beloved jamón ibérico to the US in 2007. The company headquarters are located in La Alberca, one of the oldest rural villages of Spain and famous for its meats, just outside of Salamanca. The company was founded by the Martín family in 1956 and is a family-run business to this day.

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