DON BOCARTE Boquerones - <span style="color: #ff2a00;">Only Available for Delivery in NYC area!</span>

DON BOCARTE Boquerones - Only Available for Delivery in NYC area!

  • $7.50

Anchovies in Apple Cider Vinegar. Boquerones are white anchovies that are not salt cured. These are cured in a marinade of cider vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, and spices. This plus Don Bocarte’s production method render an elegant creaminess with a deep sea taste and meaty texture. Their size is also much longer and plumper than other brands on the market, which make Don Bocarte a leader in producing the highest quality canned fish. We like to serve them marinated in olive oil, chopped parsley and garlic. But they are also fresh and delicious served as a pintxo with a slice of cucumber and olive. 

    • Tasting Notes: Firm texture. Delicate and soft apple vinegar flavor.
    • Size:¬†48g (1.69oz)
    • Region:¬†Cantabria
    • Suggested Pairings: Egosum Subtle Extra Virgin Olive Oil¬†

    *For this delicate product, time in transit should be no longer than one day during warm weather. Please select Next Day or 1-Day shipping for this item. See more about shipping here.*

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