CARMENCITA Dry Ñora Peppers

CARMENCITA Dry Ñora Peppers

  • $3.00

Whole Spanish Dried Peppers. Ñora peppers are small, round, intensely flavored peppers that are traditionally used in Spanish cuisine to flavor soups, stews, and cocidos. In Spain, they are much more commonly used than chili peppers. Spanish dishes aren’t the only ones that become more lively with these peppers – try adding these to your chili, soups, and stews and taste the difference!  Once cooked, these give off a smoky flavor.

To use these, you’ll want to remove the seeds and stem. You’ll want to discard the “skin” portion and use the softer, fleshy part when cooking.

    • Size: 25g (0.88oz)
    • Region: Valencia

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