Bona Mel Organic Raw Orange Blossom Honey

Bona Mel Organic Raw Orange Blossom Honey

Bona Mel

  • $14.00

Size: 300 g

In Spain's Sierra de Baza mountain range, Bona Mel's bees produce our favorite honey. This variety comes from the area's orange blossom groves, and is lovely stirred into tea or drizzled on crusty bread with one of our blue cheeses.
Bona Mel's Orange Blossom Honey is clear in color, has an intense floral aroma and a sweet taste with a very marked acid component. Honey harvesting takes place during the months April and May. This delicious honey is an excellent source of energy. Thanks to the rigorous process involved to become USDA organic certified, you can be confident you are purchasing a superior product that not only tastes amazing, but also supports environmental conservation and sustainable business practices.

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