FERMÍN Chorizo Ibérico de Cebo Pre-Sliced

FERMÍN Chorizo Ibérico de Cebo Pre-Sliced

  • $8.50

Sliced dry-cured Ibérico chorizo. Made from a special breed of pig indigenous to Spain, Fermín’s dry-cured Ibérico chorizo combines smoky paprika and Ibérico pork and cured in the pure mountain air for weeks. The wonderfully marbled and flavored fat makes all the difference between the Ibérico chorizo and the ordinary chorizo, starting with the deeper color.

    • Tasting Notes: An elegant flavor with hints of smokiness and a subdued spiciness combined with marbled fat for a rich, smooth and intense flavor.
    • Size: 2oz (57g)
    • Region: Castilla y León
    • Suggested Pairings: Ibérico Tres Leches | Membrillo 

Dry Cured. Ready to Eat. All pork product. Imported from Spain.

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