1880 Melodía Turrón Assortment Box

1880 Melodía Turrón Assortment Box

  • $150.00

This is a ‘melody’ in every sense of the word. This master box contains 11 regular sized varieties of almond nougat confections. 

    • Size: 71.4oz 
    • Region: Alicante

This super variety will make your heart sing. It includes:

    • Turron Yema Tostada 250g
    • Torta Alicante 200g
    • Piñones 100g
    • Peladillas 100g
    • Turrón de Alicante 200g
    • Turron de Jijona 200g
    • Turron Chocolate with Almonds 200g
    • Bombonias 160g
    • Bombons Stuffed with Turron 165g
    • Turron Chocolate with Almonds 250g
    • Crunchy Turron 200g

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