The Careless Frog

The Careless Frog

  • $15.99

Author: Dana L. Perri

Ok, ok, we've all been careless. But sometimes it's hard to see how much our own carelessness can affect others. In this story, Rana, the frog, is out for a morning jump. Hopping and jumping without a care, causing a disaster wherever he leaps. Once Lulu, the beautiful, wise bird, shows him the mess he has made, Rana goes back and apologizes to all his friends, and see how he can help.

The Careless Frog is part of the Think...then Jump ™ children's book series that highlights the need and benefits of being mindful about our words and action. The stories are told in rhyme making it not only fun but easy for a child to learn new words. The big, bold illustrations are as eye catching as they are beautiful. The author provides a section entitled "Questions to Ponder" that aids in a thoughtful, mindful discussion between reader and the child. 

    • Recipient of the following awards: 2010 Book of the Year / DIY Festival Winner

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